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Bilingual Actor


 First of all, I hope you're well and enjoy a perfect state.
 My name is Germán Alcolea, I was born in (Havana-CUBA, I'm 26 years old, and I've more than 12 years

working as a professional  (Actor).

My interest as an Actor focuses on:
   -Competent communication.
   (I prefer to isolate myself from projects that do not meet the above requirements)
   I fluently speak Spanish, and I can also speak, write, and read in English.
   Since 2016 I have been a permanent resident of the USA.
   I currently reside in Los Angeles CA area. I'm fully available for any television, commercial, or film production,
inside or outside the US.   I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on any project with you and your team
. I wish our union to be the beginning of something significant
and positive for both of us.
  Thanks for visiting my site.
Germán Alcolea.



(Kerry Jones Management)



Germán Alcolea

  • Germna Alcolea
  • German Alcolea

Los Angeles CA United States